The refugee crisis in Belgrade


During the fall/winter of 2016 Europe was the apex of what is defined as the “refugees crisis”: thousands of people from various nations were fleeing towards the Eu by land or sea to escape from war and poverty.
When Croatia, Austria, Hungary decided to tigthen the controls at their borders, a lot of those who were on the balkan route trying to cross to reach safety in EU got stuck in Serbia, were they were at least tollerated, but with no better place to stay then the old ruined barracks of the Belgrade station.
For almost an year those decaying buildings,  filled with the smoke of some stoves put toghether to cook and heat near the tents, have hosted thousands of man and children through an harsh winter,still a place where to find rest and hope, thanks also the help of some volunteers from all over the world; a place to reorganize and try again and again to make it, because for them there is no choice, nothing left to return to back home.
In front of the huge building site of Belgrade Waterfront, a big, luxurious and controversial investement of the Saudi Arabia real estate company Eagle Hill, that is supposed to expand on the station site. 
The barracks during last spring were in fact evacuated, spraying pesticides on the behaviours of the refugees that were consquently dispersed.